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Hello, you find yourself here either through my business cards or because you want to contact me. 


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I want to invite you officially to scroll through my page very throughly.

On credentials, you get a little more insight on what this exactly is.

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They as revolutionizing as a book can be, very obviously shooting against a patriarchal capitalistic society. (I hate fucking capitalism)


Message is: Fuck the rules, let us be humans again. The war is over.


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Usally I post a new video every Friday, but I have trouble remembering what day it is, so do with that what you want:




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Contact me via Mail for Queries and interest in working together with me.

Everyday is a good day, to start a revolution. And I love all kinds of art, if you are a fellow artist and have a project you wanted to do for a while, but need a fellow artist by your side for it, I`m your man! Contact me via mail.

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I care so much that I have a specific mail for all your critic towards me. Please note that critic must be submitted to me via this mail, otherwise it will be ignored.


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