Hey love!


Das hier sind die unglücklichen Events von Chiara.


  Die einzige Geschichtenerzählerin, die dir eine Geschichte aus deinen Augen erzählt.


Denn ich kann dich lesen, wie ein offenes Buch.


Wie ich das mache? Finds raus.



Die Kunster der unfortunate events of Chiara antwortet hierbei auf keine einzige Regel und richtet sich nach den Werten des Punks. Wunderbar chaotisch, anarchistisch, laut und weltverbesserisch.


Klingt das nach dir? Wenn du mutig genug bist, darfst du eintreten doch sei auf Abenteuer gefasst.

Vi sto asspetando.

Only the brave shall enter,

adventure awaits.



photo by:

Jakob Geissele, Stuttgart.

The main message

The war is over. (war is a choice by powerful but powerless people) (hierarchy is killing us) (let us be humans again, please) (money is fake)

Good news has struck
the luck has come
for all ours days
for glory for all
everyone has won
it is over

destroy the munition
the war is over
we all wave the white flag
and sit down to talk

no one is free
until we are all
until one single human is left
in chains
not one soul is free
of the duty to be

thereby in confusion
there is awnser
in our brains
if we put them all together

we will find a way
to live peaceful
to live free
beyond us all

the war is over
put down the guns.
go home,
you owe it to yourself.

We are all brothers and sisters,
the ground does not belong
to anyone
we are animals with a gift
to see the past
to see the future
and to live in the present.

Since it surely is a gift to live.

All this Power to create
put it into something helpful
be smarter
make choices
be vulnerable.

Oh god, if you exist
and I might thank you for one thing.
It is that we can be vulnerable.
We do not need armours or protection.
We do not need us to protect us from
We can collectively make
smarter choices.
And be better.
Better at being a human
at being alive
at existing in the very present moment.

Learning from the past,
yearning for the future.

These words are not new
you have heard them many times before
by man, by women, the full spectrum of being

and they sure do have a ring
in you ear. 
A certain way they sound,
they chime.
Known, not one of the unknown kind.
In our words, we can reunite.
The gift to communicate,
is our basic human need.

By holding loaded guns to chests
we refuse to speak.
We refuse to feel.
We feed the demon in us
instead of the human.
Until it eats us up alive.
It’s the monster we feed,
that feasts on us.

One thing about love,
is that it does not have to be stronger.
It does not have to win.
It is our home,
love is our natural state.
We must only come back to it
if we feel that is has been tamed.

Love waits patiently for you to 
And when love knocks at your door,
I want you to let it in.
I want you to have a tea
with love.
And share great laughs with
Make the strongest memories
with it.
And now I want you to come back.

What is it that I am trying to achieve?
I am trying to make you happy.
I want to help you.
I can see the pain in your eyes.
I can feel how this world is killing you.
There is a story in your eyes and it starts with a simple question.
Why am I alive?

It‘s yours to give meaning to your life.
Let the meaning be wonderful.
No one wants to live for hate.
Believe in fairies and fairytales,
believe harder
in a wonderful world
in the possibility of peace.
Believe in peace.